"x+x/y explores the changing relationship between males and females – the androgynous individual – the changing view on sexuality and human body"

− Marie Wengler, artist

"I'm both the model and the photographer - I'm both the object and the observer"

− Marie Wengler, artist

"BLINDNESS_ deals with the ability, the possibility or desire to ‘see’ in a symbolic sense, whereby blindness or non-seeing becomes a symbol of self-chosen or forced ignorance"

− Marie Wengler, artist

Marie Wengler (born 1992)
Since a young age I have worked with and have been interested in both arts and photography. Over the years it has become increasingly obvious to merge the two disciplines, and during the past years I have explored and developed my own artistic photographic expression.My experimental approach to photography has resulted in several different photographic series of widely varying themes and artistic focus, and it will certainly continue to evolve in the future years.

Interesting about photography as an artistic expression is that photography actually is everywhere at every moment, and has gone from mysterious to fake to simulative, as Maier-Aichen once has said. Since the photograph therefore can be found everywhere and we are all somehow endowed with smart phones and other technology that allows photography everywhere at all times, how should we then handle photography as a medium for artistic expression?
In my opinion, it is necessary to rethink photography as an artistic medium, by staging and think through every single photograph before shooting it – not only shooting photographs as random snapshot. Furthermore, new digital manipulation technologies makes it possible to transform the photograph so that selected parts are highlighted and others removed. This can – which I find interesting as an artist – challenge the viewer’s perception of the real and unreal. When producing a photograph, does it then show us reality or an illusion? Is a photograph more unreal today because of the new technologies, or have photographs always undergone varying degrees of manipulation (even in the analog sense)?

In October 2012 I worked as an intern for the world-renowned and recognized photographic artist Susanna Hesselberg and have taken courses at IPC (International Center of Photography). I’m also a part of The National Gallery of Denmark and have in this connection participated in different international conferences regarding art and museums in the future. I’m also studying Sociology at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark because I find that the study supply my artistic practice in a very positive way.
Furthermore I’m the editor of TOXIQUE – a magazine about haute couture fashion and art – and I have my own company where I offer photographic, graphic and enhancement solutions, in addition to web design (including this website). I’m too just about to launch my own jewelry and clothing brands and publish my first collection of short stories.

My main goal is to create and sell limited edition art, participate in exhibitions world wide and studying/focusing on different relevant tendencies in our society. I’m therefore first and foremost a visual photographic contemporary artist.

My artistic approach has lead to different commercial jobs, such as campaigns for different companies, organizations, etc., where I use my photographic, graphic and retouching skills from my artistic experience. I also create websites – for instance my own.
I’ve no problem whatsoever working commercially, even though I only do so in shorter periods of time as an extra employment in order to earn money for my more creative and personal artistic projects until I’m able to live solely of my art.

I only create limited edition art pieces in specific sizes, so please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in buying a certain piece of art, and I’ll return your request as soon as possible with the details about the piece (weather there are still limited editions left of the piece and other important informations regarding payment, shipping, etc.)

If you want to book me for a photographic or graphic job, please feel free to contact me. Besides being experience with both outside and studio photography, I furthermore do graphic work such as creating logos and visual vector identities. I handle both Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop completely, whereby I’m able to not only shoot the pictures, but also retouch the pictures and create unique textual designs and layouts for the pictures. Furthermore I create websites – for instance my own.