Marie Wengler (born 1992)

Since a very young age I have worked with and have been interested in both arts and photography. Over the years, it has become increasingly obvious to merge these two disciplines together, and during the past years I have therefore increasingly explored and developed diverse artistic photographic expressions. Interesting about photography as an artistic expression is, that you can capture a unique moment through a camera, which may contain many varying moods and emotions. The frozen and unique expression and mood in each image can be increased and subsequently highlighted by using digital manipulation techniques, whereby the original photograph gains a new expression and meaning.

Over the past few years my experimental approach to photography has resulted in several different photographic series of widely varying themes and artistic focus. The contrasting photographic series that I have worked with indicate the development that my artistic expression has gone through so far – although it certainly and hopefully will continue to evolve in the future. Through increased knowledge and inspiration from the works of other and more established artists, I seek to further develop my personal experience of art and my artistic expression. I seek to transcend both my own and the viewer’s boundaries when I create art.

Even though I’ve worked with art and photography for several years at this moment, I still intensively try to increase my skill and in the future continue to expand, challenge and develop my understanding of both art and photography. However, I still have much to learn, many new forms of artistic and photographic expressions to explore, many photographic and artistic image series to create.

In October 2012 I worked as an intern for the world-renowned and recognized photographic artist Susanna Hesselberg. I’m also a part of ULK, an organization in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is part of the Museum of Art in Denmark, focusing on spreading the interest and enjoyment of both older an newer international as well as Danish art and artists. Besides being an artist myself, I’m also the editor of Toxique Magazine – an online and therefore sustainable art magazine, featuring both upcoming and established international artists and events/news from the international art scene.