In a large part of the series of images ‘A Study of The Mind’ I use myself as model. The focal point for the series of images is therefore my own body, my studying and challenge of the concept identity and my own identity – and my transforming experience of my own identity. It’s all about finding the right camera angle, the best lightning, the perfect bodily expressions and the appropriate facial expression. I hereby occurs in a dual role where I’m both the photographer and the model. I’m both the observer and object. I dehumanize myself to an object during my editing process and reflect upon my own identity during this process. In all the images in the series of images ‘ A Study of The Mind’ I occurs alone and naked in unidentifiable and non-locatable places. Hereby, the images don’t indicate either national or social belonging. They express a universal feeling – which often is the feeling of loneliness and desperation in our most/late modern society. The images thus become symbols of inner psychological states rather than actual realities. Furthermore the series of pictures thematizes the collapse of the boundaries between reality and fiction. I’m using real object in the images but an unreality is created by combining the object through digital manipulation, confusing the viewer.