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An exploration of the changing conditions in relation to love and relationships, where the virtual world of experiences are increasingly connecting people.

Is love and relationships and human relations in general, reduced to digital codes?

To visualize the concept, I have created ​​books with html codes from the major online dating sites on every page,  looking like a strange language.

Below an excerpt from one of the books:

<div class=îi-bodyî>

<div class=îi-siteî>

<div class=îi-header-wrapperî>

<div id=îi-cookieî> anvender cookies for at forbedre din oplevelse.

<div class=îi-clearerî><!– –></div>


<div class=îi-container i-clearfixî>

<div class=îi-logo i-pngî><!– –></div>

<div class=îi-login-containerî>

<div class=îi-login-form-default i-login-form-twolineî id=îi_loginî>


<div class=îi-login-form-leftî>


<label class=îi-label i-member-loginî for=îtxtHandleî>Allerede medlem</label>




<div class=îi-login-form-rightî>

<form class=îi-loginî id=îform_login_actionî name=îform_login_actionî action=îî method=îpostî onsubmit=îreturn loginFormHandler.submit();î>

<input name=îpostî type=îhiddenî value=î1î />

<input name=îhostî type=îhiddenî value=îdk.match.comî/>

<input id=îcharsetî name=îcharsetî type=îhiddenî value=îUTF8î />

<input id=îlogî name=îlogî type=îhiddenî/>

<input id=îpwdî name=îpwdî type=îhiddenî/>

Why using the book format?

To comment critically on the numerous self-help books that will help you to find that special someone.