In A STUDY OF MY MIND I use myself as model. The focal point is therefore my own body, my studying and challenge of the concept identity and my own identity ñ and my transforming experience of my own identity. I hereby occurs in a dual role where Iím both the photographer and the model. Iím both the observer and object. I dehumanize myself to an object during my editing process and reflect upon my own identity during this process.

In all the pieces I occurs alone and naked in unidentifiable and non-locatable places, without any indication of social-cultural belonging. The pieces express a feeling of loneliness and desperation in our late/post modern society. The pieces thus become symbols of inner psychological (pathological?) states rather than actual realities.

Furthermore the pieces thematize the collapse of the boundaries between reality and fiction. Every piece is staged down to the smallest details and combined digitally – the same way our mind create pathological distorted perceptions of reality out of fragments of reality, composed into unreal scenarios in the imagination.

All pieces are limited edition 1/5.
To know more about prices and dimensions please contact me via mail.