The series of images BLINDNESS _ investigates the concpet of seeing – as a symbol for the ability or possibibility to or wish for optaining (non-manipulated/uncencored) knowledge about our surroundings and own position herein.

Blindness or non-seeing is thus is used as a symbol for forced or self-chosen ignorance, depending on the individualís psycological state of mind and surrounding influencing socio-cultural factors – including the dominant discourse created by powerful actors in society.

Besides blindness I also use other symbols to challenge the viewerís relation to various aspects of human life and contemporary society. Priest Collars refers to (manís interpretation of) religion; roses to the ideal of love and utopian relationship; wineglasses to our eternal need for intoxication – temporary oblivion, etc.

The use of milky color is repeated in all pieces to enhance the experience of blindness and unreality, and in addition I braille phrases/qoutes are integrated into the skin of the portrayed individuals.

All pieces are limited edition 1/5.