MOODIFY is a series of art photographic images that thematises several parallel tendencies in our late/post modern society by using humour – respectively our increased use medication and our striving for perfection as human beings, here in the form of emotional perfection. Emotions, which also indirectly reflects the most desirable features of a person’s personality. All the emotions used in the series of images therefore have positive connotations. But the hidden message in the series of images is actually the opposite – that we can not or should strive for human perfection if medication is necessary for reaching perfection. MOODIFY hereby celebrates human non-perfection, that we are all different and unique – and beautiful regardless of our mistakes.
The series of images is called MOODIFY and is created on the basis of genuine disposable medicine bottles from different medical companies where the liquid content is injected directly into a vein, so that the effect in a human body occurs immediately. The understanding of the use of the original bottles increases the overall understanding of the message of series of images. The original bottles and their labels have been manipulated photographically, but based on the original medical terminology and terms used at the original labels. But text on the manipulated labels are in no way factual, technical or comparable to the textual description at the original labels. For instance, one of the bottles contains HAPPINESS and side effects of injecting the liquid content of this bottle can be anything from such irrationality and illogical behavior, unforeseen infatuation, spontaneous emotional outbursts, etc.
An extensive research has been carried out before the production of labels to the bottles, as it is important that there exist real scientific evidence that the mentioned neurotransmitters, hormones, etc. at the different bottles can be attached to a particular emotion.
The original company’s brand is replaced by the brand name MOODIFY, which is a combination and the reference to the words MODIFY – modifying, transform, and change – and MOOD, ie. a mood or feeling. The name of the brand is thus an indication of the theme for the entire series of images – a modification of a selected feeling / mood in order to increase the human perfection and abilities.
This series of images does therefore basically thematises some relevant and severe social tendencies in todays society and health service by using humour and hopefully MOODIFY will make os rethink how each one of us try to live up society’s unspoken conventions of perfection and what the consequences of this striving for perfection might possible be.
Only four images – four emotions – are shown at my website, but the series of images contains several images with various emotions, and is still changing and evolving as the themes in this series of images become increasingly relevant in our post/late modern rapidly changing society.

All pieces are limited edition 1/5.
To know more about prices and dimensions please contact me via mail.