"x+x/y explores the changing relationship between males and females – the androgynous individual – the changing view on sexuality and human body"

− Marie Wengler, artist

"I'm both the model and the photographer - I'm both the object and the observer"

− Marie Wengler, artist

"BLINDNESS_ deals with the ability, the possibility or desire to ‘see’ in a symbolic sense, whereby blindness or non-seeing becomes a symbol of self-chosen or forced ignorance"

− Marie Wengler, artist

Marie Wengler (b. 1992)

Marie Wengler is a Danish conceptual artist and freelance illustrator, graphic designer, photoshop-guru, photographer and webdesigner. She thus does respectively personal and commercial assignments. Besides work, she has a Bachelor Degree in Sociology and a Masters Degree in Cognition and Communication from University of Copenhagen, Denmark – and a 1-year education in advertisement, branding and (SoMe-)marketing at Reklamelinjen, Copenhagen, Denmark. Likewise, she does academic lectures in gender, body and cognition in relation to current sociopolitical phenomena and new technology in the 21st century. Marie has been featured in different magazines and exhibitions (in Denmark, Berlin and L.A). In her spare time she’s a dedicated skateboarder and hip-hop fan.



Cognition and Communication (MA) / University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2017-)
Sociology (BA) / University of Copenhagen, Denmark (2013-2016)
Reklamelinjen (2016-2017)
Following courses at the art school ICP (International Center of Photography)

Occupational experiences
Received Gender Certificate at University of Copenhagen: academic validation of my gender and body studies.
Nudgecrowd: Freelance consultant and lecturer in cognitive science and cybersecurity.

The Unit of Cognitive Neuroscience (UCN): Research Assistant.
Early Bird ApS: Freelance graphic designer, content creator and SoMe-Manager.
COBIS: Freelance graphic designer and content creator.
CERA: Freelance graphic designer.
Participating in the exhibition ‘The Cyber and Material Character’, Berlin, Germany, F.K. Kollektiv.
Participating in the exhibition ‘The Uncensored Show’ at Shepard Fairey’s Gallery Subliminal Projects, L.A, USA, curated by GirlGaze Magazine (29th of September – 28th of October).
Participating in exhibition at The National Gallery of Denmark (23th of September).
Doing performance art in Russia, representing Denmark during ‘Youth Trio 2017’.
Participating in group exhibition at The National Gallery of Denmark (13-20th of September).
Creating SoMe-campaign and graphic identity for new flagship project at Børns Vilkår.
Artist in residence: Sisters Academy at Den Frie, Copenhagen: creating a performance project on the ‘sensual society’ in collaboration with 30 other artists from different parts of the world.
Doing a lecture about body hair, gender and the influence and consumption of mass media at Gin and Gender (25st of January).
Creating online store (smoove.me).

Developing a campaign about polarisation and filter bobbles at social media (15th of October): Nextstep by Bindslev.
Started working as Qualitative Research Analysis Assistent, SoMe-manager and Graphic Designer at MEGAFON.
Doing a lecture about body hair and gender (23th of September): SMK FRIDAY.
Working freelance at Woolspire, creating a new visual identity and online marketing strategy – including a campaign for Red Barnet (4 months project).

Working in CREAS, Copenhagen K. Creating online store (qill.me).

Volunteer (2013-2015) at the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK): communicating art in innovative ways using new media technologies.
Lecturer during Inclusive Museum Conference.
Lecturer during Social Media Week.
Internship at Den Frie Contemporary, gaining an understanding of the dissemination and handling of art and exhibitions.
Starting own business in January 2013 (M.Wengler).

Working at the art and fashion magazine TOXIQUE from 2012, covering haute couture and contemporary art.

Working with Adobé and freelance photography since 2011

My main goal is to create limited edition art in different media, relating to various tendencies in contemporary society, besides participating in exhibitions around the world.See examples under ‘Gallery – Artistic projects’.

Besides my artistic practice I do different commercial jobs, such as campaigns, illustrations, graphic design, etc. for different companies and organisations. See examples under ‘Gallery – Commissioned projects’.

I only create limited edition art in predefined dimensions. Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in buying a certain piece of art, and I’ll return your request as soon as possible with the details about the piece (weather there are still limited editions left, informations regarding payment, shipping, etc.)

If you want to book me for a photographic, illustrator or graphic assignment, please feel free to contact me. I’ve several years of experience in both outdoor and studio photography, and in creating visual identities for companies/organisations (I’m Adobe-certified).