Recent personal and commercial projects


Thematic BLINDNESS_ deals with the ability, the possibility or desire to 'see' in a symbolic sense - to move from darkness to light - from forced

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Modern Life Company ApS www.sanotint.dk

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Dôrph and Hagé


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x+x/y refers to the human chromosomes found in female and male bodies – the x+x combination creates a female, while the x+y combination result in

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Recent blog posts

6 out of 6 hearts in Danish Newspaper!

I participated in a collaborative artistic project, retouching and re-sampeling old Danish masterpieces for The National Gallery of Denmark

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I’VE JUST BEEN FEATURED ON SEE.ME’S FB-SITE AMONG THE 163 TOP SUPPORTED ARTISTS (selected as a special artist from the 561,660

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new series of images!

I’ve just started working on a new series of images inspired by Zen Buddhism. Read more and watch a few new pieces so far under Gallery in

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solo exhibition

A huge solo exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark has just ended yesterday (the exhibition was extended with a month). Several art pieces was sold to

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As an artist

My main goal is to create and sell limited edition art, participate in exhibitions world wide and studying/focusing on different relevant tendencies in our society. I’m therefore first and foremost a visual photographic contemporary artist.

As a commercial photographer/graphic designer/retoucher

My artistic approach has lead to different commercial jobs, such as campaigns for different companies, organizations, etc., where I use my photographic, graphic and retouching skills from my artistic experience. I also create websites – for instance my own.
I’ve no problem whatsoever working commercially, even though I only do so in shorter periods of time as an extra employment in order to earn money for my more creative and personal artistic projects until I’m able to live solely of my art.

Buying Art

I only create limited edition art pieces in specific sizes, so please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in buying a certain piece of art, and I’ll come back to you as soon as possible with the details about the art piece (weather there are still limited editions left of the piece and other important informations regarding payment, shipping, etc.)

Photographic/Graphic/Enhancement Solutions – Booking

If you want to book me for a photographic or graphic job, please feel free to contact me as well. Besides having a great understanding of both outside and studio photography, I furthermore do graphic jobs such as creating logos in for instance Adobe Illustrator. Besides this, I of course also handle both Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop completely, whereby I’m able to not only shoot the pictures, but also retouch the selected pictures and maybe even create logos/unique textual descriptions for the pictures. And actually, I’m also able to create websites – for instance my own, created by myself.