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Marie Wengler is a Danish conceptual photographer and researcher (PhD). 

Marie’s research and artistic practice are deeply intertwined: in both her research and art she explores how society and the individual interacts. How societal norms influence our behaviour and how we, in turn, influence societal norms.

Specifically, Marie is interested in understanding the limits of “normality”. She does so by seeking out and showing what is considered “deviant” in society – be it physical or mental – to, thereby, question how “normality” is constructed and defined. 

This exploration of normality – and associated deviance – is understood via a female gaze. Since the female body and mind, in particular, has been and still is subject to societal normalisation practices in society, Marie approaches her own body in many of her series like a sculptor modelling clay; it is a transformative material that is used to illuminate human experiences and question social norms.

For more details, check her newest interview in See:Zeen


PhD Behavioural Intervention Design & DEIB, Copenhagen Business School & The University of Copenhagen (2021-2024)

MA Cognition & Communication, The University of Copenhagen (2017-2019)

BA Sociology, The University of Copenhagen (2013-2016)


Nominated for Prix Picted Award 2022 under the theme HUMAN by curator Yuko Yamaji from KMoPA (results to be announced later this year)

Shortlisted for International Photography Exhibition 164, The Royal Photographic Society, UK

One of 23 winners of YP2022, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (KMoPA), Japan 

Selected as one of 30 under 30 women photographers, Artpil, 2022 

Shortlisted for IWPA Award 2021/2022


Upcoming: “Young Portfolio Satellite Exhibition”, 2022, Place M, Tokyo, Japan

“REBEL”, 2022, The Untitled Space, New York, NYC, September 29-October 27

30 Under 30 Women Photographers (2022), Opera Studio, Rome (as part of Rome Art Week, October 24-29)

“YP2022”, 2022, Group exhibition, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (KMoPA), Japan 

“Young Talent”, 2017, Group Exhibition, National Gallery of Denmark, Denmark,

“Uncensored”, 2017, Group Exhibition, Subliminal Projects X GirlGaze, Los Angeles


Pictures from REJECTED purchased for the permanent collection at the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (KMoPA), part of “Young Portfolio”, 2022

Picture purchased for private collection, 2016, Australia

Picture purchased for private collection, 2014, Norway